Is Dark Web Insurance Policy Useful For Tor Users?

Have you ever heard about the dark web insurance policy? Well, it exists, but very few people actually know about it. The concept is pretty new, honestly. But as it is slowly and steadily gaining popularity, more and more people are inclined towards it to keep themselves secured and insured.

The dark web or darknet is the unindexed part of the internet and remains hidden from the general public. It requires a particular software or browser named the TOR (The Onion Router) browser that lets people access various dark web links. Along with the Tor, you would also require a premium VPN. You can have a look at some of the best premium VPNs before you invest in one.

The dark web is known for all types of criminal activities from the drug trade, weapon sale, red rooms, hitman-for-hire services, hacking stuff, tutorials, and much more than one would ever think of! Since the dark web mostly deals with criminal activities, there are immense chances of getting scammed or arrested or even facing some legalities. Thus, you would require a proper criminal activity coverage so that you do not face any financial crisis if the worst case happens to you.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy Under The Darknet Insurance Policy?

Basically, there are few cases under which you will be able to claim the dark web insurance. However, the benefits might vary from one insurance firm to the other. Below are the expected benefits that you will get:-

Get Deep Web Insurance For Undelivered Orders:

Well, if you are a dark web user, you would definitely order stuff from the dark web markets. With this comes a risk of undelivered orders. There are chances that the darknet vendor with whom you had placed an order did not ship your products or maybe that your parcel has been intercepted during the shipment. Whatever may be the reason, if you have an active criminal activity coverage, you are insured. You can at least recover some amount of your cryptocurrency through the insurance policy.

Claim Insurance Against Drug Possession & Use Penalties:

Say, you had ordered drugs from the darknet market and received the parcel. You have been penalized by law enforcement for possessing drugs. If this is a situation, you can claim your insurance through the darkweb insurance policy that you might have enrolled in.

Obtain Insurance Against Arrests:

Legal procedures consume a lot of finances. If you get arrested and have darknet insurance, then you would be able to get some percentages of the total expenses through the policy. You would obviously have to prove your identity in this case.

Fare Dodging Insurance:

Let’s be real. Sometime or the other we have had fare-dodged in our lives. Suppose you happen to have not paid fare while traveling on public transport and you get fined. Under the deep web insurance, the company will bear the fines for you. But, there would be a limit to the number of payments per year.

Coverage Against Exit Scams:

With the number of dark web markets emerging and vanishing, a lot of darknet markets conduct exit scams. This incident takes away a lot of funds from the buyers and the vendors as well. Thus, the dark web insurance, in this case, would provide some claims to the affected.

To conclude, it can be mentioned that the dark web insurance policy is the best method to get secured. You can retrieve some amount from the insurance policy. But you need to provide all supporting documents per case and also have to prove your identity.

Bruno is a dark web enthusiast specializing in topics like cryptocurrency, blockchain, privacy, law enforcement and more for many years.

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